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Roast Vegetable Stuffed Marrow

Ladies and gentlemen let’s stuff a marrow,
Bring in that large one you left on your wheelbarrow.
Get a carrot, a leek, some squash patty pan.
Some tomatoes, a pepper any roast vegetable you can.

Then half the marrow and let us prepare it to roast,
Deseed and score it and drizzle over the oil you like most.


Then preheat the oven to two hundred degrees,
Sprinkle over some salt, pepper, whatever herb agrees.


Then take your squash, deseed and slice of the skin
And chop into little chunks as many you can fit in.


Then do the same to the carrot and drizzle over with oil and spice,
A little salt, pepper and oregano we thought was quite nice.
Then pop the marrow, carrot and squash into the heat,
Cook for thirty minutes until soft and crispy enough to eat.


Roast the tomatoes, leek and pepper sliced too,
With a little drizzle of oil 15-20 minutes should do. 
Then mix together all the vegetables and take a spoon
and stuff into the marrow until the sight makes you swoon. 


Et Voila! Something simple, a tasty warm roast
Another colourful warming, rhyming blog post!


Organic Chia Pudding

1/4 cup of organic chia seeds
1 and 1/4 cup of organic coconut milk
A swirl of Organic Agave nectar

If ever you could fall in love with food
Or eat something that could put you in a good mood.
The subject of that affection so nutritious and sweet,
is chia pudding it’s just so delicious to eat!
Simply take the ingredients and add them all in a jar,
Shake it all up, make sure the lid isn’t ajar!
Then leave in the fridge to set overnight
And in the morning it’ll be pudding delight!




Carrot Curl Roses

You’d think if I told you, you could make a salad flower,
You’d be there with your knife spending hour after hour.
Well, we are here to tell you that this isn’t true at all
All you need is this incredible new kitchen tool



It’s simply like a sharpener you would use for a pencil
Instead use the carrot, you won’t even need a stencil!
Once you create these magnificent carrot curls,
Just roll them up to create awesome flower swirls!


We added some tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce green
And sprinkled with hemp seeds – we like to eat clean!
Then added a garnish in the curl centre
Voila! You’ll soon be a gourmet presenter!


Love, The JA Ladies

Vegan Organic Lentil & Potato Curry


– Organic Green lentils,
– Organic Potatoes
– An Organic Onion
– Biona Organic Coconut Bar
– Water

– Organic Ground Turmeric
– Organic Cumin Seeds
– Organic Crushed chilies
– Organic Cayenne Pepper

– Organic Cucumber
– Organic Sesame Oil
– Organic Plum Tomatoes

Hurry! hurry! Hurry! come and get your curry!
We’ll show you how there’s no need to worry!
Take some potatoes and dice them into pieces
And chop an onion until its roundness deceases.

Then with a little oil put both ingredients into a pan,
And simmer until the onion is all soft as it can.
Then add green lentils, other colours would work too,
Be sure they’ve previously been soaked right through.


Add a bar of coconut cream to a boiling water dish
It helps to melt the bar leave for as long as you wish
Add the cream when melted to the curry pan
fill the pan with water so it’s as level as it can


Then put the cooker on at a low to medium heat
And Cook until the potatoes are soft enough to eat
You’ll need to add your spices at this point too
To perfect taste, keep tasting all the way through!



Here’s something a little different, something a little unique
Have you ever fried cucumbers? It gives them a nice tweak!
We added some sesame oil and some salt and some spice
Fried them until brown and crispy and they were oh so nice!




Then add halved plum tomatoes and the plate is complete!
A yummy delicious meal that’s warm, filling and neat!


Love, The JA Ladies

Cucumber Curl Salad

This post is all about lots of colour and curls,
Bright food, bright tools and simple salad swirls.
This dish is eye candy, quite a work of art,
So without further ado, let’s make a start:

First lets get our veggies all scrubbed and clean
We have a new brush, the friendliest we’ve seen!
Introducing our jolly Joie Veggie Dude
Sure to put anyone in the most happiest mood!


You’ll now need the tool you use to take off potato peel,
We use our Oxo Good Grips ‘Y’ Peeler to begin our meal.
Peel one side so you have a rectangular edge that’s straight
You’ll see the wider the peel, the longer the curl on your plate

Continue making peel strips until you get to the seed,
Then turn it over and continue for as many as you need.

Now carefully take each peel slice and roll it into a curl
If you, roll them tightly with care, they shouldn’t unfurl.

Here is a close up of our completed curl:
Try it yourself! Go on, and give them a twirl
Next you’ll need your tomatoes we like ours from the vine,
Then cut them in half and in quarters, just like you see mine:

Next take a bell pepper, deseed and cut vertically through,
Then cut lots of thin slices and cut them all in to two:


Then take your cooked purple coloured beet
And cut into circle slices so they’re ready to eat.

Then take a small onion and do the same too,
Make lots of circular slices right the way through:

Then take some almond flakes to scatter all on top,
Or any, nut, seed or fruit that you can scatter a drop.


Now collecting your greens in the centre of a dish,
Place the slices and curls around just as you wish.

Then drizzle all over your favourite salad sauce,
I’ll soon add some recipe posts for you of course.

And Voila! There we have it the finished pretty meal,
Oh when pieced all together, doesn’t it look unreal?

Love, The JA Ladies

Starry Squash Smiles

It’s our first blog post! Hip Hip Hooray!
And we are celebrating with our dinner today.
Doesn’t healthy, delicious food just make you smile?
We like it too when dinner smiles once in a while…
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you tonight’s dinner dish:
Be sure when you eat it, you make a very special wish….


Squash Stars and smiles – oh what a treat!
Who knew vegetables could look so good to eat!
We found our smiley tools here in Lakeland ,
Have you ever seen Butternut Squash ever looking so Grand!?


You’ll need to cut the butternut squash in two,
with the bulky part on one side cut right the way through.
Then take the thinner piece that doesn’t contain seed
And cut long thin slices, as many as you need.
Then push through the cutters and cut through a star,
And cut through the faces – oh so bright they are!



Squash Stars Cut Out


We love our non-stick Royal Line Red Knife
It takes away our food-sticking strife


A little drizzle of oil, we used organic rapeseed
and a sprinkle of seasoning is all that you need.
Put in the oven and bake at medium heat
Until they are warm, crispy and soft enough to eat.


We couldn’t do without our Prestige Baking Tray
which takes all our stick-to-tray troubles away.


Then I made some roast potatoes with lemon slices and spice,
And heated freshly chopped spinach with some herbs to entice.



Then roast the potatoes until they are the crispiest you’ve seen,
And fill the squash until the stars are all green!



And voila! There you have it – stars in your eyes
Healthy, Wholesome vegetables in a fun disguise!


Love, The JA Ladies