We have joined the blogosphere yes indeed!

We have taken that step, we have made that deed.
Welcome and hello to you our new friend,
Warm wishes, a smile and handshakes we send.
In these pages you’ll find ideas and inspiration,
Lots of colour, yumminess and creation.
Maybe something for breakfast? Or something for tea?
Something filling when you’re feeling hungry?
There’ll be something fruity, something sweet,
Something when you just need a little something to eat.
Everything is organic wherever it can be,
And everything is vegan, wheat and gluten free!
We are just three ladies always having fun,
And sharing our love for food from the sun.
Lots of bright colours, pretty patterns and such,
You’ll also find new gadgets we like very much.
We hope you’ll enjoy the posts that we share,
And all the photos of food we prepare.
If you do, then please tell us so,
We love to read post too you know!
Messages, emails, comments or a tweet,
Tell us as well what you too like to eat.
If you’ve a product you want us to review,
Get in touch and we’ll give you our view.
Tell us when you JUST ATE VEGAN today…
Wishing you a happy and healthy good day 🙂

Love, The JA Ladies


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A Rainbow of Nutritious Food Inspiration. All posts are Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Grain-Free, Alcohol-Free, Plant Based & Natural Sugars Only

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