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A Very Berry Breakfast

Here is a recipe that is simple and sweet
It is a truly scrumptious breakfast treat.
Great for a refreshing start in the morn,
Sure to eradicate every trace of a yawn!

Just a banana and several frozen berries too,
We used strawberries and lots of berries blue.
A swirl of agave nectar or syrup from the maple,
And a cup of coconut or almond milk is staple.
Blueberries, Red berries, any berry you wish
Whatever colour you’d like to turn your dish!
It is a decorative idea to leave berries for your topping,
And some desiccated coconut for the very last dropping.
And maybe something nutty you might like to leave behind
Some pistachios or almonds or any other nuts you can find.
We like desiccated coconut it gives us something munchy
And adding nuts on top gives us something really crunchy.


Blend the berries, milk and nectar together in your blender
Until you have a texture that is soft, smooth and tender
If you add a cup of water it will help the blades whizz round
And prevent a powder like texture and an ear-splitting sound!
Pour your berry delicious consistency into a cup or bowl
Add toppings on top and you have completed your goal!




Love, The JA ladies