Roast Vegetable Stuffed Marrow

Ladies and gentlemen let’s stuff a marrow,
Bring in that large one you left on your wheelbarrow.
Get a carrot, a leek, some squash patty pan.
Some tomatoes, a pepper any roast vegetable you can.

Then half the marrow and let us prepare it to roast,
Deseed and score it and drizzle over the oil you like most.


Then preheat the oven to two hundred degrees,
Sprinkle over some salt, pepper, whatever herb agrees.


Then take your squash, deseed and slice of the skin
And chop into little chunks as many you can fit in.


Then do the same to the carrot and drizzle over with oil and spice,
A little salt, pepper and oregano we thought was quite nice.
Then pop the marrow, carrot and squash into the heat,
Cook for thirty minutes until soft and crispy enough to eat.


Roast the tomatoes, leek and pepper sliced too,
With a little drizzle of oil 15-20 minutes should do. 
Then mix together all the vegetables and take a spoon
and stuff into the marrow until the sight makes you swoon. 


Et Voila! Something simple, a tasty warm roast
Another colourful warming, rhyming blog post!


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