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Chickpea and Squash Stew

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 2 hours

– 500g of Chickpeas soaked and then cooked.
– 1/2 deseeded butternut squash
– 1 peeled onion
– 1 peeled carrot
– 3 large white peeled potatoes
– 1/2 jar of Tomato Passata
– 2 tbsps Mixed herbs
– 3 cloves of garlic
– Coarse ground sea salt
– Ground pepper
– Fresh Thyme for garnish


1. Dice carrot, potatoes and squash into 1cm chunks.
2. Crush garlic or slice into itsy bitsy pieces.
3. Slice onions
4. Place vegetables, garlic and onion into a Dutch oven and fill water to level.
5. Pour in Passata, herbs, salt and pepper.
6. Cover with lid Allow to slow cook in oven at 180 degrees for two hours
7. Serve and add fresh thyme (or other herb for garnish)


Starry Squash Smiles

It’s our first blog post! Hip Hip Hooray!
And we are celebrating with our dinner today.
Doesn’t healthy, delicious food just make you smile?
We like it too when dinner smiles once in a while…
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you tonight’s dinner dish:
Be sure when you eat it, you make a very special wish….


Squash Stars and smiles – oh what a treat!
Who knew vegetables could look so good to eat!
We found our smiley tools here in Lakeland ,
Have you ever seen Butternut Squash ever looking so Grand!?


You’ll need to cut the butternut squash in two,
with the bulky part on one side cut right the way through.
Then take the thinner piece that doesn’t contain seed
And cut long thin slices, as many as you need.
Then push through the cutters and cut through a star,
And cut through the faces – oh so bright they are!



Squash Stars Cut Out


We love our non-stick Royal Line Red Knife
It takes away our food-sticking strife


A little drizzle of oil, we used organic rapeseed
and a sprinkle of seasoning is all that you need.
Put in the oven and bake at medium heat
Until they are warm, crispy and soft enough to eat.


We couldn’t do without our Prestige Baking Tray
which takes all our stick-to-tray troubles away.


Then I made some roast potatoes with lemon slices and spice,
And heated freshly chopped spinach with some herbs to entice.



Then roast the potatoes until they are the crispiest you’ve seen,
And fill the squash until the stars are all green!



And voila! There you have it – stars in your eyes
Healthy, Wholesome vegetables in a fun disguise!


Love, The JA Ladies