GRILLiant Oranges

We love citrus fruit, juicy, zesty and sweet
…so this afternoon we made Grilled Oranges to eat!
We’ve tried GRILLiant Grapefruit and it was such a brill’ grill!
So this afternoon we experimented with our next citrus thrill!
Simply Slice organic oranges and place under the grill on a tray of foil
You don’t need any additions, not even oil.
For 10 minutes grill on medium heat,
…and you’ll soon have delicious warming juicy oranges to eat.
Make sure they’re organic and you can even eat the peel.
They’ll look delicious on salad for a colourful gourmet feel.



(NB. The grilled oranges in the above photos are sitting on a cylinder of steamed buckwheat and leeks and surrounded by raw yellow carrot)

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