Oodles of Cucoodles!

Greetings, dear readers are you ready for something viral?
Please collect your cucumber, we’re sending it into a spiral!
Gather also some tomatoes and a bowl of chickpeas too,
A red onion and a beetroot that’s cooked all the way through.

Now chop all the ingredients and just a cucumber quarter,
Slice chop and dice them, don’t worry if some are shorter.
And mix them together with a dressing of your choice,
And the main salad is ready – *skip around and rejoice!*

Now take a vegetable spiraliser and hold it in your hand,
Place the cucumber inside, and you’ll soon understand…

That these sharp teeth cut the cucumber into noodles,
So not before long you have oodles of cucoodles!



Now spoon the mixed salad into the centre of a plate,
What a beautiful mix of colours together they create!


Then circulate your cucoodles around the salad on your dish,
And you’ve a splendid healthy salad, that’s looking rather swish!


We added some tomato slices to keep the circle trend,
Voila! Enjoyable moments of spiralising to you we send 🙂


Love, The JA Ladies

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